Healthy Habits with His Dream of Lions

Posted: February 21, 2018 | Music, The Scene | 0 Comments

Staying healthy while on tour is no easy task, and His Dream Of Lions are no strangers to the open road, having played shows over 50 days out of the last year.

We caught up with the Fairfax, VA based band just before they took the stage on the “Get Free” Tour to rock out alongside Broadside, Picturesque, Tonight Alive, and Silverstein.

Q: So you guys have been together for about 5 years, in that time you’ve put out a fair amount of music?

A: We’ve put out 4 records total. And we just released a new EP titled “Pseudo Star.”

Q: Yeah, the record sounds great! Tell us a little bit more about how that release came together.

A: We came off of Warped Tour knowing we needed to, and really wanting to make music. So we really just made it happen. And that’s really what the record mostly became about, just making everything happen. It’s a fusion of old and new rock that definitely has something for everyone.

Q: So the first single off this release is called “Love Me Like I’m Sick.” You all released a music video for it (link below) that has already gotten over 10,000 views. What does that title mean exactly?

A: Well it started off as just an inside joke for the band. But that joke really grew into a serious mantra for all of us.

Q: Speaking of being sick, you guys are out on the road quite a bit, how do you manage to stay healthy?

A: Eat a rainbow a day! A balanced diet that includes meats, if it’s ethical, and is low on carbs helps a lot. It’s really easy to eat bad on the road, so doing other things like spending plenty of time outside is important too.

Q: Obviously tobacco use can harm your health on the road as well, what are some of the reasons His Dream of Lions stays tobacco free?

A: Well for one, we don’t want to get cancer when we’re older. Also, keeping our voices in shape. Tobacco changes your mood, and slows you down. It stinks, and makes you extra gross. We’re already so gross on tour, you just don’t need any more. *laughs*

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