Pyro Ohio to Release New Album

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We had the chance to catch up with former Syke Featured Local PYRO OHIO as they were in the studio recording their new album. Check out our interview with the band below.


Tell us about your latest album. What was the writing process like?

A lot has changed since we released, “Before the Sun Sets…” two years ago. There were a couple lineup changes. Daniel & Jake weren’t in the band at the time the last album was written, but both were very active in the process of writing the new album. It was a real team effort. It also took a long time. Some of these songs were more or less written a few months after the last album came out, others we were still finishing up the week before we left for the studio.

Is there a central theme/idea you want people to take away?

The main theme of this album is keepsakes. Tangible things we hold onto over the years to keep our memories alive. Our memories can be a warm, happy nostalgia or a suppressed nightmare. The themes of the album are sort of a dichotomy between the good memories and bad memories. For every song with a positive theme, there is a counterpart song with a more negative theme. Good or bad, our past is what makes us who we are today.

How does this album compare, musically and lyrically, to “Before The Sun Sets”?

We would describe this album as heavier, more cohesive, and more confident overall. We feel like we really stepped into our personality as a band on this one and we all have a strong emotional connection to these songs.

Why did you decide to work with Andreas Magnusson this time around?

Since we’ve gradually gotten heavier, we thought the sound he’s known for would be perfect for this new material. We had been going back and forth about different producers, but we came to a unanimous decision while jamming Oh, Sleeper’s “Children of Fire” in our kitchen. Also, Andreas lives and works in our home state of Virginia, so we didn’t have to travel far from home to work on the record.

What will the first single be?

The first single will be called “The Genie Should Stay in the Bottle”. It will be released later this month!

Will you be touring anytime soon?

Yes, we plan to tour a lot following the release of the album. Until then, we’ll be doing some regional runs. Keep an eye out for us in VA, NC, WV, TN, & MD!

How can people get involved on the Pyro, Ohio Street Team?

There is an application on our website ( One of us will review it and contact you as soon as possible. Once you’re a member, you have access to a lot of exclusives that you can’t find elsewhere. For example, our street team will be able to stream the new album a few weeks early!

What has been the most memorable moment so far, as a band?

Collectively, just the ability to travel and see the country with our best friends. We’ve gone to some incredible places and met some incredible people. It’s awesome that our music has helped us make this possible, and it’s a great motivator for us to keep writing and playing music.

What can we look forward to next? Any exciting news you can tell us about? 

We’ll be announcing some tours as well as releasing more information about the album soon. We can’t wait to share this with everyone! We feel like this album is our best work yet.

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