Surviving Warped Tour

Posted: June 10, 2014 | General, Music, The Scene | featured, tips, Warped Tour | 0 Comments

As summer quickly approaches, we can all look forward to backyard BBQ’s, feeling uncomfortable when you sport your new swimwear with an unmistakable farmer’s tan, everyone complaining about how hot it is and of course: Warped Tour.

Odds are you’ve been to Warped before and maybe you’re even a seasoned veteran at this point. If so, good for you. However, we have a few tips that may be helpful to any Warped newbies and may even come as new information to something who thought they knew it all when it comes to the yearly tour.

If you’ve never been then comfy shoes, bottled water and enough sunscreen to drown a camel are all good and necessary things to mark off your checklist. Did you know that you can skip the (dreaded) line to get in by making a small donation that you can find in your junk drawer or pantry? What about your folks? If you’re under 18, they can not only get in for free but they can also live the good life in an air conditioned area with free drinks. True story. You’re outside getting so sunburned that you may need a skin graft and your dad is sipping a ginger ale while watching cooking shows.

For a complete run down of all of our tips and tricks when it comes to Warped Tour, be sure to check out our newest magazine at an event (or mailbox) near you.

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